How the Bay Area is celebrating #GivingTuesday


Today (Tue/3) people are switching gears from the consumer madness of Black Friday, the shopping kickoff of the holiday season.

Dec. 3 marks the second annual #GivingTuesday, created to encourage generosity in support of positive change rather than materialistic consumerism.

According to this website, the 92nd Street Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, was the catalyst and incubator for the #GivingTuesday initiative, billed as “a new day for giving back.”

And throughout the Bay Area, nonprofits and arts organizations are taking advantage of the opportunity to solicit support for a wide range of worthy causes, with mini fund drives being helped along with social media.

So go ahead, pry your eyes away from those YouTube videos of Black Friday Walmart stampedes -- and have a look around instead at what local causes you might want to support. Because it's the giving season, and Tuesday isn’t over yet.



of charitable contributions on the planet. That's right - free-market capitalist America donates more than any of those socialist nations that mandate high taxes for the express purpose of redistributing it.

The American tradition of trusts, foundations, charitable giving and church collections has been proven again and again to be highly effective. Voluntary giving works where explicit and confiscatory redistribution fails.

Long may this proud tradition continue.

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