Party Radar: Burning Mom, Disco Daddy, Hardkiss Brothers, Delroy Edwards, Stompy + Sunset, more

You might just hear Foxy at Disco Daddy on Sun/1 at the Eagle

"Underground" doesn't just mean night, doesn't just mean music, doesn't just mean hip/trendy byword. If you want a jolt of that old-fashioned DIY charge that parties used have in San Francisco, I highly recommend a stop by Zinefest this weekend in the County Fair building in Golden Gate Park. You'll feel punky, nerdy, hip, creative, and cute all at once. The only thing missing is "loud" -- but you'll be shouting in your head how neat everything is.

Oh, and if the Twirl and Dip ice cream truck is nearby, you can dance for joy with a giant sprinkle-topped sundae. Who needs clubs at all? Well anyway, here's some parties.


"Mods + Rockers unite against Burning Man -- Vintage dance music ('60s, '70s soul and garage) for the non-burner community." Who the heck can argue with that? DJs Omar, Derek See, and many more lead the charge. 

Fri/30, 9pm-3am, $8. Monarch, 101 Sixth St, SF.  



Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss, two of SF's DJ legends, have been making some great music together again -- hear them turn it out at Project One Gallery, which inherited gone-but-not-forgotten 222 Hyde's sound system.

Fri/30, 9pm-late, $10. Project One, 251 Rhode Island, SF. Facebook Invite



A great time for househeads old and new -- this time the '90s revival monthly brings in fred Everything, David Harness, Jayvi Velasco, Tyrel Williams and more to call those old school spirits down.

Fri/30, 9pm-late, $5. Mighty, 119 Utah, SF.



The kooky, lovely Wow Mom crew isn't going to Burning Man, and neither are you. Let's dance about it with DJ Carlos Souffront! "THE MOM BURNS AT MIDNIGHT" the crew promises. I am scared.

Sat/31, 10pm, free. UndergroundSF, 424 Haight, SF. Facebook invite



A local showcase from the awesome regular party, one of the last true bastions of SF freakiness left. Soulful house DJ favorite David Harness along with Matrixxman, Robert Jeffrey, Guy Ruben, and Odyssey captain Robin Simmons take us on a musical journey up in the Public Works loft. 

Sat/31, 10pm-4am, $10. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF.



LA wower on the thoughtful L.I.E.S. label brings some Detroit school energy to the decks, unafraid to get deep, hard, and a little wiggy in a soulful sense. At the Icee Hot party, which is really excited to let us know there will be free Saporro beer all night long.

Sat/31, 10pm-3am, $10. Public Works, 161 Erie, SF.



The annual 12-hour Sunday celebration on Labor Day Weekend, put on by these two storied crews, is always a hoot. Club Cocomo is a pretty great venue, too, with a huge patio on which to enjoy some (hopefully) sunshine, grooving to tunes by the UK's Terry Francis of Fabric.

Sun/1, 2pm-2am, $20. Cafe Cocomo, 650 Indiana, SF. Facebook invite 



A special labor Day Weekend edition of DJ Bus Station John's wild disco and hi-NRG party at the Eagle. Drink, disco, dance, dick around.

Sun/1, 7pm-midnight, $5. Eagle, 398 12th St., SF. Facebook invite

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